The Coen Brothers- The Nature of Evil (Supercut)

Supercuts are projects undertaken to appreciate the visual and thematic style of certain films, filmmakers, actors, genres, etc. Each video has a theme (“argument”) and formal structure. Needless to say, these are endlessly enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding to create.

The Coen Brothers are one of the most celebrated filmmakers of modern times whose films span a variety of genres. However, one peculiar trait is common throughout all of them. Evil: ever present through the unstoppable, unearthly monsters in human form that are characterized in each of these films. Who are they? Where did they come from? What is their motive? Why is it that in order to quell their chaotic rampage, one must find an equal level of chaos? This video seeks to decipher the mystery behind these fascinating villains, and the logic behind their strange power.


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